Pousada Delta Mar, Sao Sebastiao, เซาเปาโล, บราซิล

Pousada Delta Mar, Sao Sebastiao, เซาเปาโล, บราซิล

Pousada Delta Mar (Pousada Delta Mar)

R. Nova Iguaçu, 339, 11600-000

Pousada Delta Mar (Pousada Delta Mar) Delta Mar Pousada is just 10 minutes away from Praia de Maresias beach in Sao Sebastiao. This property offers breakfast services, onsite parking and a barbecue area. Its location is perfect for those who wish to spend the day on the beach and enjoy the local nightclubs. The property is surrounded by the Atlantic Forest and offers the enchanting beauty of both the ocean and the forest. The spacious accommodations have a living room and bedroom as well as private bathrooms, making them perfect for families and friends who are traveling together. Each room has a ceiling fan or air conditioning as well as a sofa bed.The hotel doesnt have a credit card machine, so payment must be made in cash.

  • ราคาสุดท้ายไม่บวกเพิ่ม
  • ไม่คิดค่าธรรมเนียมการยกเลิก
  • รับประกันราคาที่ดีที่สุด

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