Casa Barcelona Hotel, Granada, กรานาดา, นิการากัว

Casa Barcelona Hotel, Granada, กรานาดา, นิการากัว

Casa Barcelona Hotel (Casa Barcelona Hotel)

Puente Palmira 1 Cuadra Al Este 1 Cuadra Al Sur

Casa Barcelona Hotel (Casa Barcelona Hotel) Located in Puente Palmira , heading to Lake Cocobolca , five minutes away from the bus station and Central Market. The establishment is clean, family, economic, friendly and safe. It is the perfect starting point for numerous excursions and to explor the rest of this extraordinary country. The hotel features comfortable rooms offering a natural environment, perfect for the traveler to rest. The hotel opened in 2011 and was built taking the colonial style of the old houses of Granada. It also offers spacious gardens, is the largest family accommodation with private parkland within the city.

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  • รับประกันราคาที่ดีที่สุด

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